Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iOS4 for iPad: What it should have

So, the iPad has been around for a while now, and things are appearing to be a little slow for many people's liking. For one, we have no Facebook or Skype native apps on it. No iMovie, as yet. Most games are still only appearing on the iPhone and often the "HD" version is sold separately and for a higher price.

So what am I hoping for in the long-awaited iOS4?

Communication with iPhone
It should be apparent that the iPhone and iPad go hand-in-hand for a lot of people. I carry both of mine around almost everywhere. It would be nice to be able to easily transfer content between tho two devices without the need for klunky third-party apps. Being able to capture photos and movies with the iPhone and then transfer them to thie iPad for editing would be an immediate use. In fact, transferring almost anything between devices should be possible without needing a computer with iTunes acting as a middle-man. I'd also like to not have to download the same apps and app updates twice on two separate devices.

A more computer-like feel
For one, a proper filesystem that can be accessed from all apps would be a start. A place where I can download images, PDFs, etc. To access that filesystem wirelessly from my computer would be nice also.
Multitasking is obviously coming, but given the screen size, I'd hope it will be implemented in a better way than on the iPhone. There should be no need for double clicking the home button to bring up the switcher. Perhaps the ability to "alt tab" in some reasonable way would make quickly switching between apps nicer.
A redesign of the home screen. For a device with a large screen, the iPod touch interface is simply not needed. The way that folders are implemented in iOS would not make much sense on the iPad. Widgets are obviously something that should be there.

Keyboard improvements
Honestly, I still find it hard to need to click on text when I want to move my cursor. I could really use arrow keys on the keyboard to move around. I'd also like more access to some symbols from using a meta key. Switching between the alternate keyboards is clunky and slow.

Better organizing options for videos
Being able to put movies into folders would be nice. Sure you can categorize things as TV shows, but it feels like a work-around.

iPhone retina mode support
When I launch an iPhone app with retina support on my iPad, I get the non-retina version that I can double-size. The iPad can support retina resolution, so why can't it show the app in that resolution? I'm sure it would look better on the iPad. Also, it would probably kill the current need for developers to make non-universal apps.

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